Someday – but not today.

Someday you’ll roll your eyes when I ask you to take out the garbage.

Someday you’ll tell me I’m lame as you watch me rock out to songs the radio.

Someday you won’t listen when I beg you to call me when you get where you’re going.

Someday you’ll be embarrassed because I kissed you in front of your oh-so-cool friends.

Someday you won’t even look back when I drop you off at school.

Someday you won’t want to show me what pictures you drew.

Someday you’ll tell me I’m creepy and take too many pictures of you.

Someday you’ll slam your bedroom door and scream you hate me because I won’t let you stay out until 2 AM with your friends – and then sneak out once I fall asleep.

Someday you’ll get annoyed at how long I hug you for and how many times I tell you I love you.

Someday you’ll meet the girl of your dreams and make her your wife.

Someday I’ll watch you drive away from me as you start your own family.

Someday you won’t need me anymore and you don’t know this but I’m terrified of that day.

Luckily today’s not that day, and neither is tomorrow…

So today I’ll snuggle you as hard as I can for as long as you’ll let me,

And today I’ll read you as many bedtime stories as it takes,

And today I’ll stare into your big blue eyes while rubbing your butt until you fall asleep – and then I’ll watch your chest slowly rise and fall to its own rhythm,

And today I’ll listen and melt over every coo, every smile, and every giggle,

And today I’ll breathe you in with every last breath I have,

And today I’ll kiss every one of your tiny little toes, chubby little fingers and chunky little cheeks,

And today – and forever – I’ll look upon you in amazement at the idea that we created you from pieces of us. 

©Gina Jenkins


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