Tullamore Dew

I sank back & slowly let the thick, heavy steam roll over my balmy skin as I swallowed another barbed memory — I closed my eyes.  Shards of glass flooded my throat as I tried once again to drown you for good.  Warm, peppered honey – liquid gold.    Flashbacks invade, instigating a silent war behind my eyelids.                 Dark rooms & locked doors & secrets whispered against once innocent ears while backed against the wall; burning flesh; rose red lipstick stained collars; torn stockings.

Down the hatch! — another gulp of burning forgetfulness as I let my shoulders fall prey to the warmth surrounding me.   My eyes open to ghost-like vapors cascading across clouded water as a flash of his devilish smile – painted in lies so old even he could no longer remember – caused me to jump & chase my breath.

Traces of you still plague my mind, but I’m out of whiskey.


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